My Oil Collection 1

Posted on: January 23, 2010

Hi, today I am going to share some oil that I have here. ( I have 10 in my
I am totally OBSESSED+ ADDICTED into oil and I just can’t live without them.
Oil is essential to human body internally and also externally.


This is my favourite make-up remover from fancl.
The bottle is very different from the regular one becoz this is the limited one (?_? for x’mas).
Its very pretty eh?
It claims : “The mild Cleansing Oil quickly and effectively removes all kinds of makeup. After use, skin is clear, smooth and healthy .”
BTW,it does the job very well and very gentle on my skin (my skin type: VERY sensitive).
But we need to finish it in 120 days after opening ( 2-3months). 
Its okay for me becoz I use it almost everday. Therefore, I finish it up very quickly.
One more thing to this product…It removes waterproof mascara/ eyeliner very, VERY well and quickly.
[I’ve used 4+ bottle already. lol] 

The second make-up remover oil is from Shu Uemura.
hum…… didn’t work for me.
Many people recommand it online therefore I bought this.
It is not cheap at all.
It irritates my skin very badly. (break out+ redness)
I used almost 3/4 of it because I was forced to.
I couldn’t get fancl makeup remover in Vancouver and it was the only thing that I had.
At first, I thought that my skin just need some time to adapt this product so I was keep on using it for a month.
And my skin got worse n’ worse…-_-
This is expensive+ not effective as the fancl one + causing redness and breaking my skin out.  
I won’t buy this again!
[It’s just my opinion]

I am going to write 2 oil each day because I have 10 of it want to share and comment on.
Please tell me your experience in different oils if u have any.

🙂 Bye~


4 Responses to "My Oil Collection 1"

Hi thanks for passing by my blog~ I’ve used Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil before which I loved. But the one I used was the pink one called HIGH PERFORMANCE BALANCING CLEANSING OIL FRESH cuz I have oily, acne-prone skin. Not only did it remove all of my makeup but also not irritate my skin or break me out. Hope this helps~

I bought the green one becuz I watched “yu kiu”‘s video (HK singer) and she recommended it.
sighhhh:-( It just didn’t work for me. WHAT A WASTE!
have you tried the fancl cleansing oil?
whats ur favorite makeup remover?
For Waterbased makeup remover, i like to use Bioderma[sensitive]

I just made a blog post dedicated to makeup removers. Check it out~ I’ve never tried Bioderma cuz I heard it takes a long time+a lot of cotton pads to remove makeup with it. I barely have time to remove my makeup, let alone spending even more time on it. There’s no way I can get it here in Houston anyways.

That’s true. I use an X amount of cotton pads to remove my makeup (Bioderma). And it takes time.
but I use it as a toner/cleansing water in the morning.
I don’t use tap water to wash my face, and I use Bioderma and floral water instead.

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