Sigma Brush

Posted on: February 5, 2010


Sigma brushes are very popular on youtube.
I recently ordered a sigma loose powder brush from their site.
The seller is very nice. She sent me a grey eyeshadow even I just bought one.
I only ordered one just to give it a try.

This is how it looks.

A good quality brush with low price (compare to the high-end brushes).
The downside: After washing it, I placed it on the table to dry and I found some black pigment on the paper towel;-/

The Sigma brush is better than armani and shishedo loose powder brush in my opinion.
Usually people compare Sigma brushes to the MAC brushes but I don’t have any brushes from MAC.
I use this brush everyday and  I LOVE IT.

By the way, many people recommend MAC 187 on their blog/youtube video.
Should I get one?
(I use my finger to apply liquid foundation. I don’t like using  foundation brush because it creates brush strokes on the face;-/)


4 Responses to "Sigma Brush"

wow, you know so much about makeup!
how did you hear about all the oil treatments?
won’t that make your face oily and close up your pores if you put it directly onto your face?
Also, have you heard of the elf makeup company,
you should go checkit out, cept I dont know if its any good….^^”

if u use the right kind of oil, it won’t clog your pores.
and don’t use the comedogenic oil for face because it can close up the pores.
before I purchase skincare product, I read their ingredients’ list. Knowing the property of each chemical is very important.
I used to have very very bad skin and i don’t want to fall back to the skin condition like before. ;-/

Oh..I have heard of the elf makeup company but never used their product.
which one would u recommend?

MAC 187 is a good brush. I use it to apply my blush, especially highly pigmented ones. If you wanna try out ELF, I recommend their Mineral Lipsticks. I have Natural Nymph, Runway Pink, and Nicely Nude, which I use regularly.

I bought a similar brush recently from sigma. i’ll do a review on that later. Somebody recommended it on youtube.

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