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Posted on: February 20, 2011

RMK primer and cream foundation

The primer is moisturizing and I like the colour of the foundation.(well suit for Asian skin tone).

RMK primer

Texture: watery, non-silicone base

Oil control: No

Staying power: A bit.

Packaging: I wish it would come with a pump. It is just like a drugstore foundation bottle (Revlon,Maybelline…etc)

Do I recommend it? Yes.

It dries to a satin finish. The primer doesn’t do anything bad to my skin so far.  Just like a standard primer, not impressive. I wouldn’t purchase it again.


I am terrified by this website.

It is scored 9 out of 10 ( hazard level).

Should I restock my makeup collection or just quit it?

I know everyone is raving about Giorgio armani Luminous silk foundation but it does flake on me…
I put both on and Rimmel foundation just work better on my skin.

G.Armani-sheer, light-mid coverage
Rimmel-midium -full coverage

The only downside of Rimmel Lasting finish is the color ranges and the packaging:-(

OMG! My favourite mascara is discontinued 😦

I ran to 3 Shoppers , 2 LondonDrug store and Superstore and came out with disappointment .
Luckily, I searched online and found that is still selling Full N’ Soft on their website. YAY!

Volia! These are eyelash combs with my favourite character, Hello Kitty:-)

They help me to separate my lashes after I put mascara on.

I got them in HK SASA and they are not expensive[around CAD$ 9-12].  (; it is a popular hk cosmetic/beauty care store)

(sigh…) its the end of the term and there are just 1 essay and 2 projects left. Then exams come after.

What’s my plan for summer? I am going to stay here for summer session.
I want a part-time job so badly..
( not waitress tho coz I hate cleaning people’s mess. I have had enough housework at home already.LOL)
I want some extra money to shop for goods ;-(

and I have gained 4-6 lbs after I got my car.
But actually I lose 8-10 pounds back then. (My mom was very shocked and my dietitian was kinda concerned abt it)
I ate more than a normal person tho.haha
The reason why I lose that much is because of the changes in transportation to school ( bus stop to my house: 10 mins uphill; grocery store to bus stop: 15-20 minutes)
I walked at least 1 hour/ day before my car has arrived. And now, it requires only 10 seconds walking to my garage. LOL…
My weigh is back to my original state where I used to be in HK.

Posted on: March 12, 2010

I got this set in December.

Honestly, I have never tried/owned any Nars product before.  And now I m IN LOVE with this brand.

Their blushes are amazing!

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