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Posted on: April 14, 2010


I drew that 1 year ago. and I don’t remember how to sketch already.

btw, I haven’t touched my pencil set for 4-5 months.

I want to draw and paint so badly right now.



I know its a little vague here but please look at my neck (near my chin)closely. There are 2 bumps !
They just popped out painlessly a week before sociology mid-term. Yes! It has been more than a month already.

They make me look like I have double chin. I hate this fat awkward feeling.

I consulted several different doctors and none of them can explain what exactly happened…:-(
I have also consulted 2 chinese doctor and drink chinese herbal medicine consistently for 2 weeks(I am still drinking now) but I don’t see any results.

Yesterday, I discovered more lymph nodes around my neck but they are just very very small. I can only feel them when I touch my neck.  Sighhhh…… (X 100)
I went to do a blood test yesterday and hopefully will see what really happen to my body.
By the way, I still didn’t get my care card from the government. I sent the application in October-November. Why is it take so long?!
It really costs a lot:
1 doctor consultant:$60 CAD+ Chinese doctor 1 consultant: $60CAD (I go there every 4 days, I went there 2 times already and I will go there on Sunday)+ Blood test: $40 CAD + Getting my blood test report: $60 CAD=

$340 CAD so far

Plus, the basement rental fee, grocery shopping, gas, food, cellphone bills….etc.


(LOL.  I was wearing a shower cap in the picture. And I adore my grandma style pj. Don’t laugh!)

I used to consume 2-3 cups of coffee everyday. No body knows exactly whether it is good or bad for health.  And I recently found a replacement of it.

It is Green Tea Powder!

My recipe:

1 teaspoon of green tea powder, half glass of hot water, half glass of milk, sugar

I am drinking it everyday. (3 -4 glasses, LOL)

You can also use this to make an apple green tea smoothie.

1-2 teaspoon green tea powder+ one apple+ 1-2 tbsp honey+ ice cube+1 cup of pineapple juice
Blend all ingredients in the food processor/blender .
So fruity!

If you have a ice-cream maker, you can use it to make green tea ice-cream too!


I actually got this pack in Taiwan. You may probably get it on eBay or Asian grocery store.

I also use it in my DIY mask:-)

Green tea is one of the healthiest food in the world.

-Rich in antioxidants(GOOD FOR SKIN:-D)
-Help with digestion—weight control
-Prevent cancer



I got this before the break from Choices supermarket.

Price: around $30-40+

It contains orthosilicic acid. (Actually, I have no idea what this is;-P)

The label says that “orthosilicic acid is essential for collagen synthesis and regulates calcium deposition in bones. Orthosilicic acid aids the formation of healthy connective tissue, strong bones, smooth skin, shiny hair and hard nails.”
There are 42 capsules in the bottle and I take 2 capsules daily.
-1 bottle: 21 days.

I am going to continue taking it for half year.

I am back.

I will update my blog after I unpack all the things.

:-/ oh….I miss my family and my dog.

Mid-term exam is on this friday.

friday, Friday, FRIDAY! then, i’m heading back home …again…-_-
I just don’t feel like studying . Please tell me how to get into the mood to study.

I am searching new skincare product and some fashion site/blog again. haha. kinda obsessive eh?
And I seriously need a haircut. My hair is out of shape+it looks very dull and dry.

+ my neck is swollen…
I went to the doctor but she said that i need to take a blood test.
It takes 45 days for the result and I am going back home this saturday.
I can’t wait to see a doctor in hk….I look fat and ugly.
It looks like I have double-chin.

In these days, I am eating more than I used to.
Being a size zero is not that good because there are not many clothes are in XXS/XS.
It is VERY difficult to find the cloth/pants that fits me.
I want to gain some muscles only on my arms and breasts but not my LEGS.
Unfortunately, I am feeling my legs are getting  fatter and no changes in my upper body except my face.

I know it’s a little silly to say this, but …

Appearance to me, is everything.

please also visit my food blog:-)

just updated.

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